About Psychotherapy

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
CG Jung

In Jungian psychotherapy we, the therapist and client, meet on a regular basis in a secure setting. Together, we address the whole psyche, conscious and unconscious. This involves a dialogue which draws on the healing potential of the inner world as it expresses itself in story, relationship, reflection, dreams, images.

When we are stuck in old patterns we develop symptoms which interfere with our emotional health and block our creative potential. In the therapeutic relationship, with care and respect, we allow the root of the symptom to unfold. Through engaging with life experiences and the inner world a healthy relationship with the authentic Self is fostered leading to restored psychological balance and emotional wellbeing.

Who can benefit from Jungian psychotherapy?

This process can address a broad range of emotional issues such as:
depression, loss, bereavement, anxiety, panic, relationship difficulties, eating issues, self-esteem, work-related issues, bullying, abuse, sexuality, mid-life crisis.

It also can assist anyone who wishes to pursue psychological growth, who seeks better relationships and deeper meaning in their lives.